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Exotic Car Share Collection
Ferrari 355 F1 Spider Specs

Ferrari 355 F1


Year: 1999
Production/Generation: 1995 -1999

Body Style: 2 Door Spider with Black Top
Transmission: 6 Speed paddle shift
Drivetrain: Real Wheel Drive

Engine: 3.5 Liter, mid-rear V8
Horsepower: 380 bhp @ 8250 rpm
Torque: 268 ft•lbf @ 6000 rpm
Redline: 8500 rpm
0 to 60 mph 4.7 seconds
0 to 100 mph 11.3 seconds

Premium unleaded fuel

Interior: Tan Leather with Black floormats

The latest version of Ferrari's F355 sports car is one of the most accomplished open-topped designs of the last twenty years. With its two-seat cockpit, a mid-mounted V8 engine and a body that is still one of the best looking designed for a passenger car, the 355 F1 has all the style, speed and exclusiveness that has made the Ferrari name a legend of the motoring world.

What makes this F355 F1 different is a radical transmission: a manual gearbox, but without a clutch pedal! Sophisticated electronics look after the function normally carried out by the driver's left foot. Instead of a clutch pedal and gear shift, the F355 has two steering-wheel-mounted levers. The right one is to select a higher gear, the left one for a lower gear. Where the gear stick would normally be is a little lever for selecting reverse.

To start the engine, the ignition key needs to be advanced a notch and both gearshift "paddles" pulled back to ensure the transmission is in neutral. Keep turning the key and the 3.5-litre, 40-valve V8 fires into life, burbling away behind the front seats with a subdued rumble that is a portent of what's to come.

The engine produces plenty of power, with a maximum of 380 bhp at a very high 8250rpm. At low revs, it is surprisingly docile and civilized. To start off, the driver selects first gear. As the throttle pedal is depressed, the clutch takes up automatically. Apart from being fun, the semi-automatic gearbox is intended to be fast and foolproof. Gear changes are far quicker than with manual gear changing, and there's no chance of muffing a change or missing a gear.

Driving the F355 F1 is everything that might be expected of a Ferrari, in that it's fast and fun. Instead of being a highly strung Italian thoroughbred, it feels like a car that can be depended on to do the right thing, while delivering ample loads of thrills.

The F355 has more than enough acceleration – push down on the accelerator pedal and the transmission's electronics will take revs to 6000 rpm before the clutch is engaged and you're away in a bellowing, tire-shrieking ride of 0-60 mph in 4.7 seconds.

The F355 is really easy to drive. Doing away with a gear shift and extra pedal make it a breeze. It starts reliably every time - which will surprise owners of more elderly Italian machinery - and it even handles less-than-perfect road surfaces with grace. The suspension is set up to handle corners impeccably, and while the ride is firm it isn't harsh or jarring.

The seats have adjustable side squabs for broad drivers. They are comfortably trimmed in leather. The air-conditioning works well, as does the radio - although the engine sounds much nicer than the radio, so the stereo often becomes redundant.

Ferrari F355 F1 Spyder






F355 F1 Spyder

Engine Location


Drive Type

Rear Wheel

Production Years for Series

1995 - 1999


2976 lbs


0-60 mph

4.7 seconds.

1/4 Mile

12.9 seconds.

Top Speed

183 mph


Engine Configuration







3496.00 cc | 213.3 cu in. | 3.5 L.


40 valves.
5 valves per cylinder.




380.00 BHP @ 8250.00 RPM


268.00 Ft-Lbs @ 6000.00 RPM

HP to Weight Ratio

7.8 LB / HP

HP / Liter

108.6 BHP / Liter

Transmission Information




Computer-controlled no-pedal electronic clutch

Exterior Dimensions 


167.301 in | 4249.4 mm.


74.801 in | 1899.9 mm.


46.101 in | 1171 mm.


96.501 in | 2451.1 mm.

Front Track

59.601 in | 1513.9 mm.

Rear Track

63.601 in | 1615.5 mm.



Front : Independent, double unequal-length wishbones, coil springs, pressurized gas dampers, electronic damping (2 settings), anti-roll bar

Rear : Independent, double unequal-length wishbones, coil springs, pressurized gas dampers, electronic damping (2 settings), anti-roll bar



Rack and Pinion with Power Assist

Tires / Wheels


Front : 225/40 ZR 18
Rear : 225/40 ZR 18

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